Corporate Apparel: The Benefits

Over the years, many businesses have opted for corporate apparel for their employees as opposed to allowing their employees to wear their own neck tie or ladies scarf designs. So what are some of the main benefits of choosing to provide your employees with company apparel?   The greatest benefit is promotion of your brand. Every client…
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The Workplace: Open Collar vs Suit & Tie

In this modern era, a neck tie in the workplace has begun to become more scarce. Some businesses have opted for the non-conforming option of dressing down at work and, to a certain extent, have chosen comfort over appearance for their employees. The suit & tie has and should continue to be used to neatly demarcate work and leisure time.…
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Custom Tie Advice

WHAT TYPE OF CUSTOM TIE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? At Distino Custom Ties, we simply offer two different fabric options for your custom ties; woven silk or a microfibre polyester. Below you will find examples of what fabric we would recommend for your ties relative to your requirements. There is no steadfast rule to the…
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