The Workplace: Open Collar vs Suit & Tie

In this modern era, a neck tie in the workplace has begun to become more scarce. Some businesses have opted for the non-conforming option of dressing down at work and, to a certain extent, have chosen comfort over appearance for their employees.
The suit & tie has and should continue to be used to neatly demarcate work and leisure time. They can help distinguish you as a professional who takes his job seriously and wants to present himself to the utmost. Call me a traditionalist and no doubt biassed, but I strongly believe a man of business, dressed to look as one with a suit and tie will always present better than the man with the open collar shirt who looks as if his time of work has finished.


Corporate Tie


While it can be industry dependent, presentation and first impressions in business is still always vital. So why place yourself and your business at a disadvantage? Put the effort in, present yourself well in a shirt and tie and you will be rewarded with the intangible benefits. - For all your business and custom neck tie requirements. - Designer label of men's neck ties and accessories.

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